50mm Wide Handle Ratchet

2000Kg breaking strength.

50mm Claw Hook with tube

5000Kg breaking strength

4m Light Duty general purpose Box Van strap with Over Centre Buckle (OCB)

Captive Webbing Fitting for 1806 Track

2000Kg breaking strength

M2 Cantilever Slide

E-Type Cups 60mm x 40mm for 65mm Universal Track

Combi ANC E-type Track - Stainless Steel

Length (3050 mm) Width (132mm) Pitch (60 mm) Height (12mm) Gauge (2.5mm) Hole (25mm)

50mm Narrow Handle Ratchet

5000Kg breaking strength.

50mm Single Claw Hook

5000Kg breaking strength

4.25m Centre Pole Strap with Over Centre Buckle (OCB)

2 Pin Slipper

3000Kg breaking strength

Captive wire systems for use with bars and straps